2019 AGM Announcement-Regional-Rep

Hear Ye … Hear Ye … Hear Ye!

The 2019 AGM here in Region 1 is happening!  After a false start at another site, we are going to be enjoying the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival in St. Leonard, MD on April 27.

The festival is over 40 years old and is held at the Jefferson Patterson Park right on the Patuxent River.  Although they do not have an “honored clan” tradition, they will announce Clan Hay in the welcoming remarks, since we will be holding our AGM there.  The festival is not free, however, but getting tickets ahead of time will save a few dollars.

There are many interesting things to do in the area.  Of course, April is still too cold for swimming but there are beaches where fossils, including sharks teeth can be found.  There are several parks in the area featuring different flora and fauna.

Apparently, the park where the festival is held was a Native American summer fishing camp, is full of archeological sites, and has its own museum.  The first settlements by English settlers are also in this area.  I just want to alert those who have not lived near a shoreline, it will be breezy and cooler than you might expect.  Come prepared!

We are going to be staying at the Holiday Inn Conference Center and Marina, which is in Solomons, MD about 10 minutes from the festival.  We have a block of rooms waiting from April 25 through April 28 and I have it on good authority that the hotel is very nice and well equipped to handle large events.

From what I have been told, they have even heated up a haggis or two.  (No exploding haggises here!)  I will be making a trip to the area to check out eateries (it is a tough job but someone must do it) for Friday evening for those who will be on site.

We will be holding to the usual schedule -- Council meeting on Friday, festing, AGM and banquet on Saturday and wreath laying on Sunday.  We will be holding the auction again, so start thinking about what you are bringing.

The nearest airports are in Washington, DC, but Baltimore is not too much farther away, if that is where the best deal is.

The festival has a website, although as of this writing, 2019 information is not up yet.  Calvert County MD also has a nice website with lots of information about the area, including restaurants, activities, and sites of interest.

I am still wrapping up some details, but I know we will have a lovely event in Southern Maryland.  Cannot wait to see you all there.

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Bonnie H. Middleton

Region 1 Representative

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