2022 AGM Announcment

A Hay! – A Hay! – A Hay!

2022 AGM – UTAH SCOTTISH FESTIVAL – 6/10-12/22

The Clan Hay Society – American Branch is pleased to announce that the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been scheduled for the Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games on Friday to Sunday, June 10-12, 2022.

The AGM is being hosted by Regional Representative Cody Hoagland, his Conveners, and the Clan men and women of Region 4. All are invited to join us for a full weekend of fun, fellowship, and a celebration of all things Clan Hay.

Our home away from home for the weekend will be the Little America Hotel – Salt Lake City, UT Rooms are reserved for Clan Hay members at special rates of $109 per night, plus tax.

Make your hotel reservations ASAP since space is limited at:

Little America Hotel

500 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Phone: 800-281-7899

Call Little America directly to reserve a room,

reference Clan Hay Society (CLAN0622)

A few words for those who have not yet attended an Annual General Meeting …

An AGM is an opportunity to meet new fellow Hays and renew old friendships. Emails, phone calls, and the Journal are great BUT there is nothing like sitting down with old friends and sharing a wee dram (or two, or three, or four, or five). Among all Scots, we Hays seem to be a unique breed.

Everything is coming together for an exciting jam-packed weekend. Friday will set the pace with a Council Meeting (open to everyone) and a workshop on Genealogy. For dinner, many of us will head to a nearby restaurant, followed by an evening of fellowship at our Hospitality Suite in the Little America.

Saturday starts early with breakfast with the President and then off to the Games. Plan carefully so you can participate in the AGM meeting, be there for the group photo, and see all the sights. Saturday evening is the ever-popular Clan Dinner back at the Little America followed by another evening with your old and new friends in the Hospitality Suite.

Sunday will cap the weekend in style. Enjoy an early breakfast with our Vice President to speak directly to the Clan Council. At 9 am, we will assemble to lay a memorial wreath in honor of our nation’s veterans. Many of us will return to the games and finish out the games at their closing ceremonies at 4:00 pm.

Visit our website (www.clanhay.com) to register for the AGM and banquet and to get the latest information on the weekend’s events.

See you in Utah.


2022 AGM Schedule

Clan Hay Society
American Branch


2022 AGM Schedule

Utah Scottish Festival

& Highland Games

Salt Lake City, UT

June 10-12, 2022

(All Events Open To Everyone)

FRIDAY, June 10:

9:00 am Hospitality Suite Open

2:00 pm Council Meeting in the Hospitality Suite

3:00 pm Workshop #1: Basics of Genealogy in Hospitality Suite

4:00 pm Volunteers to the Games field to set-up

6:00 pm Dinner at a nearby restaurant (Dutch Treat)

7:00 pm Pre-Games Show

SATURDAY, June 11:

7:00 am Breakfast with our President, Dining Room Clan Hay and the Future - Informal

Early Birds to the Games field to set up tent

9:00 am LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (Open to the public from 8 am-5 pm.)

11:30 am Line up for Parade of Clans and Opening Ceremonies at noon

1:00 pm AGM group picture at the Clan Tent

1:15 pm Annual General Meeting at the Clan Hay Tent

2:00 pm Workshop #1: For Conveners – What Works, What Doesn’t – Clan Tent

4:00 pm Set up the dining room at the host hotel (decorating tables, etc.)

5:00 pm Games Closing Ceremonies and massed bands

6:00 pm Clan Hay Banquet, (cash bar starts at 6:00), Little America Hotel

SUNDAY, June 12:

7:00 am Breakfast with our Vice-President, Dining Room What does the Council need to know? (Share your ideas.) - Informal

8:30 am Leave for Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony

9:00 am Wreath Laying Ceremony begins

4:00 pm Closing Ceremonies Massed Bands

5:00 pm End of planned schedule and games; please visit sites of interest, or shop in the area. Dismantle tent and pack up.

Hospitality Room available from 5:00 pm Thursday 1/16 through 4:00 pm Sunday 1/19.


See you next year in Region 1

Note: Times listed may change slightly.